Dr. Anne S. Chao

Co-founder, Program Manager

Dr. Chao received her M. A. and Ph.D. from Rice’s Department of History (2005 and 2009), under the direction of Prof. Richard J. Smith. Her research interests include using computational techniques to do network analysis, text-mining, and archival research on historical figures in the late Qing, early Republican China, as well as in the immigration history of Asian Americans to the south.

The Houston Asian American Archive was founded by Dr. Anne Chao in 2009. Aside, Dr. Chao has also taught courses and mentored students in the Program in Poverty, Justice and Human Capabilities, and in the Department of History.  

Dr. Chao is a College Associate and a Divisional Advisor to undeclared humanities students at Lovett College. She is a member of the Advisory Boards of the Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality, the Chao Center for Asian Studies, the Kinder Institute, the Shepherd School of Music, and a member of the Patron Group of the Moody Center for the Arts

Ann Shi

Associate Curator

Ann Shi (she/her) is a curator with a diverse background, born in China to a family of artists and musicians. She graduated from University of Oxford with Master of Mathematics MMath (Hons) degree, and later from Sotheby's Institute with a Master of Arts in Art Business with a focus on Contemporary Asian Art (New York/London). During her past life as a hedge fund analyst on the trading floor, she immersed herself in the New York arts and music scene. She sang in an indie rock band, performed in ad-hoc opera gigs, modeled for photography artists, and acquainted herself with classical Chinese painting connoisseurs and the Juilliard School. Shi worked as a project assistant curator at the Moody Center for the Arts and Classical Chinese Paintings department at Christie's Auction House before joining the Houston Asian American Archive.

Since joining HAAA in Feb 2020, Shi has led the COVID-19 special collection, Racial Justice & Civic Engagement special collection, and led the curation, its programs and catalogue of HAAA's inaugural exhibition "Faces In the Pandemic."

Amanda Focke

Archivist, Houston Asian American Archive

Head of Special Collections, Woodson Research Center at Fondren Library

Senior Lead Intern

Sarah Kong, Sophomore ('23), Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Lead Intern

Helen Pu, Junior ('22), Political Science

Student Interns

AnhThu Dang, Senior ('21), Asian Studies and Sociology

Ashley Tsang, Senior ('21), Kinesiology Sports Medicine

Brandon Cua, Junior ('22), Computer Science and Asian Studies

Chelsea Li, Sophomore ('23), Cognitive Sciences

Emily Ma, Freshman ('24), Biology and English 

Gordan Liu, Sophomore ('23), Psychology and Asian Studies

Kelly Liao, Sophomore ('23), Political Science

L Diop, Senior ('21), Sports Management, Managerial Studies

Lia Stallmann, Freshman ('24), Music

Richard Xianglong Gao, Freshman ('24), Humanities

Sora Shimazu Kim, Freshman ('24), Neuroscience

Sonia Zhi Mei He, Sophomore ('23), Chemistry

Vivian Zheng, Freshman ('24), Political Science and Sociology

Youngbin Lee, Sophomore ('23), Chemical Engineering

Katherine Shen

Volunteer and Friend of the Archive