History of Japanese Farmers in Texas: Sources Index

Below is a non-comprehensive list of the primary sources originally available on the JACL website, which we have relied on for the creation of this exhibition.

News Articles

Four Tanamachi brothers served in US Army During WW II, including two in the 442nd, written by Sandra Tanamachi Nakata for the Japanese American Veterans Association, 2012

How That Road Got Its Name, written by R. E. Conner for the Houston Post, 1965, about Shinpei Maekawa

In a Confined Space, written by Kevin J. Dwyer for the Enterprise, 2004, about John Hirasaki's work at NASA

Japanese player relied on heart, written by John Michael Feist for the Eagle, 1998, about Taro Kishi at Texas A&M

Kishi-Hirasaki History series, written by Vicki Parfait for the Penny Record, 1999: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Mas and Lily Yamasaki, written by David Sugimoto for "Inside the Houston Caper," 1998

Our Texas Roots, written by Sandra Tanamachi Nakata for the Pacific Citizen Holiday Issue, 1994, about the Tanamachi family

Southeast Texas Rice Beckoned Japanese, written by Gwendolyn Wingate for the Beaumont Enterprise, date unknown, about the Mayumi brothers

Personal Correspondences and Writings

Email Correspondence between Taro Takahashi and Dr. George Hirasaki from 2004 to 2010 on the Orange Petroleum Company and Katsunore Wakasa

Letters between Taro and Kichimatsu Kishi

Lillian Ogata Bonner's Letter to JACL, 2009

Mary Oyama Hada's notes on the Oyama family, compiled by Eric Lindsey, 2003

Other Sources

The Kishi Cemetery

Site of Kishi Colony Given Texas Historical Marker