Tetsuo Ashizawa

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Dr. Tetsuo Ashizawa is currently a medical practitioner focusing on genetic disorders in neurology, particularly those caused by expanded DNA repeat sequences. He received training in neuromuscular diseases with the Houston Methodist Department of Neurology. He currently works with research groups on neurodegenerative diseases like ataxia, and has collaborated on international projects across all continents to find better clinical trials for niche diseases in his field of expertise. Born in Tokyo in 1948, Dr. Ashizawa lived his entire childhood in Japan until he traveled to Pittsburgh after completing medical school at Keio University to work in the Allegheny General Hospital. He lived in Galveston, TX and Gainesville, FL before moving to Houston after receiving an offer from the department of Neurology at Baylor through a mutual professor. After being inspired to study biology after being fascinated by it in high school, he went through the Keio medical school as part of his higher education in Japan.