Nibu Abraham

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Nibu Abraham is a punk musician based in Houston who is currently the bassist for Celtic punk band The Tomfooligans. His interest in punk, metal, and hardcore music was fostered early on by watching skate videos and by hanging out with skaters, and at the age of 10, he picked up a guitar and started playing the guitar tabs found at the end of magazines. His first stint with making music and being a part of a band occurred at age 16, and his interest in bands continued throughout college. However, he “gave up” his band dream and started to pursue DJing for a period of time, but it was through this DJ experience that he was able to connect with Scott Mesorana, the lead singer of No Resistance. Things progressed, and he eventually became a guitarist for the band at the age of 29; this experience changed his life. As time went on, “life happened” and he eventually found himself as the bassist for The Tomfooligans. In this interview, Nibu talks about his early musical experiences, his trials and tribulations as an Asian American musician in punk, his band experiences, and his perspective on various issues/topics (such as the Houston punk scene).