Interview - Thanh Thuy Vu

Mrs. Vu is a very accomplished journalist who served as a war correspondent during the Vietnam War and was awarded with a Silver Star for Valor by the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in 1970 and later received the Best War Report Prize by the Vietnam Press Corps in 1972. After the fall of Saigon, Mrs. Vu was thrown into the Vietnamese boat people crisis and was eventually rescued and immigrated to the United States. This experience would serve as the basis for her entrance into writing as she later captured this crisis in her memoir which was released in May 2016. She is currently one of the operators and spokespersons for Radio Saigon Houston, a radio station that broadcasts informative talk shows and discussions oriented towards the Vietnamese American community and Vietnamese listeners who are transitioning into American society and culture. Additionally, Mrs. Vu is highly involved in local social and professional organizations and is a mother of five children.

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