Interview - Violeta Panis (4/4/14)

Violeta Sison Panis was born in Agoo, La Union, Philippines. The oldest of six siblings, she stayed at her grandmother’s house for some years. As a young adult, she came to the United States through a travel agency that was bringing nurses in. She was brought to Texas on a two-year visa in 1998. Her fiancé and future husband Rolando also moved to America, but to California. He found a job in Houston through a friend and they then got married. He sponsored her, and both were able to settle and live in America as permanent residents. They went on to have five children. Although facing a little adversity at times, Violeta worked with some of the most respected doctors in the world and enjoyed her career. She retired in 2012 after 42 years and began to devote her time to some of her passions. She has had the opportunity to travel with her family and visit the Holy Land of Jerusalem. Today she likes to help out with her church and babysit her grandchildren.

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