Interview - Terry Wong

Terry Wong is one of the three ‘Blood Brothers’ of the Houston famous Blood Bros. BBQ, located at 5425 Bellaire Blvd. The restaurant was established in 2013 and opens from Thursdays to Sundays only, from 11 am until when food runs out. The Asian fusion BBQ introduces innovative menu items that focus on stronger and more exotic tastes in addition to the already flavorful Texan traditional barbeque. It ranges from brisket fried rice to Thai green curry boudin to burnt end banh-mi sandwich. The menu is a cultural and culinary scene of “East meets West”. Terry manages the customers at the front of the restaurant which allows him to see the reactions from customers as they taste the food; his brother Robin (or Robbie), manages the kitchen, marketing, and PR, who was also being interviewed by HAAA separately. Their non-blood related ‘brother’, Quy Hoang, who is Vietnamese Chinese, is the pitmaster of the BBQ. Their culturally diverse and fresh-minded restaurant has gained publicity from the New York Times, Houston Chronicle, Bon Appetit, and Smithsonian Magazine, among others. The brothers are working on “Asian Food Network” which gathers many great Asian restaurants in Houston to promote the Asian food culture as a community.

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