Interview - Steven Wu

Steven Wu was born in Pennsylvania to parents of first-generation immigrants from China. Their family then moved to New Orleans, and experienced Hurricane Katrina when they had to seek shelter in Houston. After graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology with a bachelor degree in chemical engineering, in his professional capacity, Steven is a Facilities Engineer at Chevron; in his advocacy capacity, Steven currently serves as a Board of Directors of the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) and Board Member of OCA-Greater Houston (OCA-GH). At OCA-GH, Steven led the “Houston Asian American Pacific Islander Film Festival” (HAAPIFest) for three years as Festival Co-Director, co-founded and led the “Together Empowering All” (TEA) Talks community roundtable program, and co-led civic engagement efforts to turn out the Asian American vote. Steven is also leading the “Texas Data Quality Coalition”, to advance health equity by reforming demographic data collection, analysis, and reporting in local and state health agencies.

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