Interview - Roopa Gir

Born and raised in Kanpur, India, Roopa Gir developed her passion for geography at a very young age. With her parents’ support, she pursued higher education in STEM fields in India and overseas. She received her Master of Technology in Applied Geophysics from IIT Roorkee and PhD in Seismology from University Louis Pasteur, France. She came to Houston to work for Schlumberger in 1981 and was later transferred to work overseas in various countries. Her abundant international study and work experiences allowed her to speak Tamil, Hindi, English, French and Bahasa Indonesian. She has worked for over 30 years at Schlumberger in various technical and management positions, including the Director for Technology Watch and Scientific Advisor. She is the founder and Chairman of iEducate, a social venture in Houston, Texas that works with school districts to engage college students as co-teachers/mentors in underserved elementary schools. Since 2011, she has been an advisor to AICAPD, an innovative mobile school in India that provides education to children of migrant workers. Dr. Roopa Gir is also the founder and managing partner of a Houston based start-up ARG Global Technologies.

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