Interview - Rachel Soyon Otto

Rachel Soyon Otto was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1968. She lived in South Korea until she met her husband, an American military man stationed there, and moved to the U.S. at nineteen. She did not speak English when she married. She only held one job while in Korea, a part-time cashier position. Once in the U.S., the new couple visited her husband's family home in Pennsylvania, and then drove to Kansas, where Mr. Otto was stationed next. Their son, James, was born in Kansas, where, Ms. Otto worked part-time as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant. They then moved to Sacramento, California in 1990, again because of military assignment. In California, her daughter, Cassandra (1991) was born, and her husband got out of the military. The family moved to Texas in 2006. Today. Ms. Otto works at EAN Holdings in Houston as an accounting coordinator, after starting off at a temp agency. Her children are currently attending college and are both interested in keeping up with their Korean heritage.

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