Interview - Pam Lo

Pam Lo was born in Guangzhou, China in 1962. As a young girl, she helped her family by working on the farm and cooking. She attended school for several years in China, but the Cultural Revolution affected the quality of her education negatively. She began to work as a teacher, but decided to continue her education in the United States. An uncle found her a husband in the States and she moved to Houston, Texas in 1988. Due to financial constraints, she was unable to attend more school. Instead, she juggled varying jobs—from working as a waitress to a stint in an electronics factory—while raising her children. Over time, she and her husband raised enough money to start a used furniture business that they currently run. Pam was able to bring both of her parents, brothers and sister to the U.S. Her daughter attends Rice University, and her son goes to school in the Cy-Fair region of Houston.

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