Interview - Nguyen T. Nguyen

Nguyen T. Nguyen is a Vietnamese American and Houston native. He’s a business relations specialist in government, business, and nonprofit environments, and served as an emergency management specialist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during Hurricane Harvey. In this interview, he talked about his experience in the anti-Asian hate crime rally he participated in Discovery Green to give voice against the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes. Two weeks before this interview, the country was shocked by the shooting that ended with eight people dead, with six of them Asian women, in Atlanta; there has been a series of hate crimes in this period, also archived in HAAA’s website and Rice University’s digital scholarship website. Nguyen also talked in detail about his “grandma project,” which he had been working on for ten years to pay homage to elderly and raise awareness about elderly care. For the very fact that he didn’t have someone to call grandma in his childhood, he built bonds with his photography subject deeply.

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