Interview - Kim Soo

Paul Pyungsoo Kim, more often known as Kim Soo or Grandmaster Kim Soo, was born in Seoul in 1939. During his childhood, the war caused his family to move around often, including to a remote village in the mountains of what is today North Korea. To defend himself from bullies at his new schools, he began to study martial arts. He received his first-degree black belt at 13 years old. He continued to study martial arts during his time at Han Kuk University of Foreign Studies, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Russian Language and Literature. After opening a martial arts school in Seoul, Kim immigrated to Houston in 1968. Choosing Houston intentionally to be a "pioneer," Kim spent his first year in Houston living in his studio, the dojang. After obtaining permanent residency, he brought his wife and young son the following year. Grandmaster Kim Soo is the founder of Chayon Ryu "Natural Way" Martial Arts and has been recognized around the world. He has served as the Korean correspondent for Black Belt Magazine and was named Summa Cum Laude Professor at Rice University. He currently continues to travel around the world for demonstrations, workshops, and judging competitions, and hold class at his headquarters in Houston.

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