Interview - Justin Wong

Pastor Justin Wong was born in 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas and has a younger sister. After his parents finished graduate school, his family moved to Beaumont, Texas. Right after his sister was born in 1986, he and his family moved to the Alief area in Houston. He grew up in a household that greatly valued hospitality and helping others, especially with his father’s work as a pastor. He went on to attend Houston Baptist University where he completed a degree in biology and a degree in religious studies. Initially he wanted to pursue pediatrics, but during his junior year of college, he realized his true ability and passion for working with the youth through the Church.

Upon graduating college, he attended the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary to earn a Masters of Divinity. During this time, Pastor Justin learned to truly live independently for the first time while his parents moved to Georgia. Later, he completed a year-long interim with his father. Justin currently works as a youth pastor at the Chinese Baptist Church, which is the first Chinese church established in Houston. He speaks on the importance of proper guidance in young people’s formative years, as well as the history, goals, traditions of the church as a whole. Justin also helps run “Collab Houston,” a group of Asian American youth pastors who create podcasts, camps, and trainings. Justin is currently married with two daughters.

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