Interview - Jehanbux Mehta

Jehanbux Mehta was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1937. His father was from Pakistan and his mother was originally from Bombai. Karachi is a city with a small Parsi community of 6,500 people, which meant that Mr. Mehta grew up closely interacting with the Muslim community. He attended St. Patrick’s high school, a Catholic school where he learned English. He then went to college, obtained a Bachelor’s degree of commerce, and became a certified accountant. From there, he went on to run his own company in Karachi. In the meantime, he and his wife raised their two sons until they went off to study abroad and settle in the United States. Mr. Mehta decided to immigrate to America to be closer to his family, who by then had largely dispersed across North America. He is currently retired and lives in Missouri City, a suburb of Houston, along with his wife.

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