Interview - Jane Gee

Jane Eng Gee was born in San Antonio, Texas. She has seven other siblings, of which two were born in China. Growing up in San Antonio, Ms. Gee helped in her father's grocery store. Because of her father's emphasis on education, she attended San Antonio Junior College for one year before moving to Houston in 1939 to attend Rice University. At Rice, she pursued the Pre-Med program and studied hard to make the most of her education. In July of 1940, she married Albert Gee, with whom she has had two daughters, Janita and Linda. Ms. Gee has worked in her husband's many successful Chinese restaurants, and since his death, has started her own real estate business. She was also named honorary chair of the Miss Chinatown Pageant. Ms. Gee is now retired but continues to maintain her strong presence in the Chinese community.

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