Podcast - What is a Chinese Church?

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In this podcast, Helen invites pastors from the Chinese Baptist Church (CBC), the Houston Chinese Church (HCC), the West Houston Chinese Church (WHCC), and the Access Church to reflect on what it means to be a Chinese church.

They discuss current issues facing the churches and look ahead to their future. Even though the congregations of the Chinese churches have a generally consistent ethnic composition, there are cultural, political, and generational chasms that are demanding changes beyond the religious offerings of the churches. By exploring the heterogeneity that lies within a homogeneous community, the speakers explore the intersection between religion, ethnicity, and cultural identity against the themes of heritage, history, and future. Their conversations show that now is a pivotal time for the Chinese churches to critically examine their founding principles in order to pave a promising path for the future.

(Top: Justin Wong, Jason Tarn; Bottom: David Hsu, Ted Law)

Full-length interviews are available for each of the pastors that were invited on this podcast. The interviews talk about each pastor’s childhood, religious journey, and provides more context to the conversations included in this podcast. View the full interviews of this podcast’s guests below.

Featured in this podcast:
Justin Wong, Youth Pastor at CBC 
Jason Tarn, Lead English Pastor at HCC
David Hsu, Senior Pastor at WHCC
Ted Law, Lead Pastor at Access Church

This podcast is produced by Helen Pu.

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Podcast - What is a Chinese Church?
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