Interview - Huan Ngoc Le

Ngoc Huan Le was born in Vietnam in 1976. He did not stay there long, because due to the political turmoil that had engulfed the country at that point in time, his family fled to the United States. His father and mother arrived separately and he arrived with his father and uncle in Seattle, in 1980. Mr. Le eventually made his way to Houston, TX, going to college, studying scientific disciplines, but eventually he went on to get a graduate degree in law. At the same time, Huan's parents had taken control of a grocery store and were working two jobs to put Huan through college. Since obtaining his law degree, Huan has now moved into business, where he is part of a company that has operations in several countries including the US, China and Vietnam. Huan actively participates in Vietnamese organizations in Houston and is a member of the Asia Society Young Professionals' Council.

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