Interview - Homi Davier

Homi Davier was born in Mumbai, India in 1947. In his youth, he pursued his passion of aviation by training as a pilot and starting a travel agency. As his company expanded, he opened a branch in Oman. However, he did not stay in Oman for long, as his daughter got sick and a doctor in Britain referred his family to a doctor in Houston. Thus, Homi Davier moved to Houston in the fight against his daughter’s disease. He paid for his daughter’s medical fees and living expenses during his first four years in Houston by investing in a travel agency. However, as his investment in a travel agency was unsuccessful, he started another agency on his own. During his time in Houston, he also got actively involved in Zoroastrian community. Mr. Davier started the World Zoroastrian Chamber of Commerce and built the Zoroastrian Association Center with his friends. He currently works at New York Life, and he hopes to start another travel agency in the future.

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