Interview - Gee Kwok

Mr. Gee Kwok was born in Hong Kong in 1941 during the Sino Japanese War. He was raised in Hong Kong by his grandparents, and did not get to know his father and mother until after the war had ended. He came to the United States in 1959 for college, where he went to Wake Forest University, where he also met his wife. After he graduated, Mr. Kwok found jobs doing programming before transitioning to teaching. He then began an education to get a PhD but stopped his schooling in favor of working full time for Lockleed. Mr. Kwok got very involved in the Chinese churches of Houston, and he went on several mission trips to different countries. He was eventually ordained an elder of the Clear Lake Chinese Church and remained heavily involved in expanding the Chinese church community in Houston.

In this interview, Mr. Kwok talks about his experiences growing up, his educational journey, his time in the workforce, and of his passion for church and Christianity. He details his efforts and stories in working with the Chinese church, and he shares his memories of his dedication to his religion.

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