Interview - Franklin Wong

Franklin Wong was born in Hong Kong to a father who was a professional carpenter and to a family that emphasized hard work and obedience. Mr. Wong has an extensive educational background and initially got his undergraduate degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong for chemistry due to his fascination with the subject and being able to make things happen with his own hands in the lab. He first came to the United States in 1978 to study for his Master in Pharmacology from the University of Arizona and later also a Master's of Clinical Chemistry from the Cleveland State University. Mr. Wong then went on to study for an MD/ PhD from the Chicago Medical School because he wanted to see the application of what he was learning in a relevant way through being a physician. He then got his JD/ MBA from the University of Houston owing to his own interests in law and business since he was young. Mr. Wong emphasizes breadth and depth of education and the enjoyment of life experiences - He occasionally flies planes and helicopters as his hobby. He believes that staying relevant and updated on world events is important for his future goals in life.

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