Interview - Erin Quill

Erin Quill comes from a family of performers. She herself is a performer, actress, singer, and writer. She is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance. She was a member of the original Broadway cast of the Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q. Erin is a dual citizen of the US and Australia. She is mixed race—her father is Irish and her mother is Chinese. She was recently interviewed for the Podcast, “Mama’s Talkin Loud,” and does panels and discussions for BroadwayCon, speaking about AAPI representation. She has a blog called “The Fairy Princess Diaries,” in which she changes the conversation on how AAPIs are represented in theater, state, and film. Erin currently lives in New York with her husband Chil and son Liam. In this interview, Erin speaks on her early childhood, growing up as a person of mixed race. She talks about the mentors that she had in college, as well as her professional career. She speaks on defying stereotypes and expresses a desire to see more prominent and more accurate AAPI representation in entertainment.

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