Interview - Edwin Carson

Edwin Carson was born in Cebu City, Philippines, and he first got into punk/hardcore music while he was in high school. Some of the bands he initially listened to included The Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, and Black Flag. As he was drawn further into the genre, he started to learn the guitar and eventually created a band with his friends; this band would go on to perform at his all-boys Catholic school, which led to an interesting situation and allowed him to have a “taste of anarchy.” Edwin’s biological father would petition him to immigrate to the US in the 90s, which led to him dropping everything (including his college endeavors in the Philippines). Despite the culture shock and language barrier he faced during his initial arrival in Vegas, he would continue his passion for punk/hardcore music in the US. At the advice of someone in a guitar store, he took up the bass guitar in an attempt to have an easier time finding a band to join. Sure enough, he joined his first band as a bassist in Vegas. He would go on to live in Fort Lauderdale before finally settling down in Houston, where he currently is the bassist for Houston-based hardcore band Liberty and Justice and the owner of Pomps Not Dead, a pomade business. In this interview, Edwin Carson discusses his early musical experiences, his immigration experience, and the backstories behind his current/previous band experiences.

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