Interview - Dinesh HariKiran Singhal

Dinesh Singhal was born in Morar, a small town in Madhya Pradesh India. After attending a boarding school from 4th to 12th grades,, he went to Ramjas College in Delhi, eventually earning an LLB (law) degree from Delhi University. Initially venturing into the United States on a whim to take a summer course, Mr. Singhal experienced a turbulent 12-year journey of seeking employment, higher education, studying for the LSAT/bar exam, and searching for legal immigration status. Attending the University of Houston’s law school, Mr. Singhal earned his JD and eventually settled in Houston with his law practice in litigation as a trial attorney. He is actively involved in various movements around Houston, both politically and socioculturally and currently lives with his wife and two children in River Oaks.

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