Interview - Connie Kwan Wong

Connie Kwan Wong is an entrepreneur, magazine publicist, philanthropist, pediatric cardiac sonographer, and a mom among other things. Born in Hong Kong, Wong moved to Australia at the age of eleven. She went on to pursue an education in radiology at the University of Sydney before meeting her husband in an online tech support forum. After her marriage, she immigrated to the United States to live with her husband and work in a hospital in Miami. She switched to a full time job in philanthropy just as she became pregnant with her first child. Nowadays, she spends her days caring for her two daughters while also running her charity foundation that works to benefit abused and neglected children. Wong additionally oversees her self-started skincare foundation and magazine, of which she donates the profits of back to charity. Wong believes that her core values in life are caring, kindness, and wisdom, values instilled in effort she pursues and ones that she wishes to pass on to her children.

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