Interview - Beck Gee

Mr. Beck Gee was born in a small village in China in 1922. In 1931, when he was nine years old, he spent over three weeks on a boat from Hong Kong to Angel Island, California. After a few weeks, he moved in with his grandparents in Algiers, Louisiana before going to school in Mississippi. He did very well in school, but because of laws at the time he was not allowed to continue attending school after the age of thirteen, so he worked for seven years at a grocery store as a butcher. At the age of twenty Mr. Gee was drafted into WWII as a photographer. While stationed in England he met his would-be wife of sixty-two years. They opened up their own grocery store after moving to Houston once the war was over but sold it after nine years. Mr. Gee went back to school to study graphic design and then spent the next thirty-one years making newspaper advertisements for department stores. He retired at the age of sixty-five.

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