Interview - Bapsi Sidhwa

Bapsi Sidhwa is an internationally acclaimed author residing in Houston, Texas. She was born in Lahore, Pakistan, in the pre-partition area, and has many vivid memories of the troubled period before, during, and after the partition—memories that often served as inspiration for her novels. She married once in Bombay, India, after attending Kinnaird College, and had two children in her first marriage. She was divorced and later married her current husband, with whom she now lives in Houston. The couple moved to the United States and moved to a few places, including Charleston and Atlanta, before eventually settling in Houston. Mrs. Sidhwa began her writing career in Pakistan and continues to write even in retirement (she taught at several universities in the United States). She is known for collaborating with Indian director Deepa Mehta, who directed a film adaptation of Mrs. Sidhwa's novel, Cracking India. Mrs. Sidhwa is a practicing Zoroastrian and does quite a bit of volunteer work in various Houston organizations.

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