Love Stories from HAAA - Atul & Poonam Salhotra

Poonam and Atul Salhotra met each other through their parents in an arranged marriage. Their first two meetings were with both of their families, and the third time being on their wedding day. They have been married for 33 years as of this interview. They have one son and one daughter who are both in their early 20s. In this interview for the podcast “Modern Asian in Love” (working title), they spoke of their experiences and understanding of love, relationship and marriage. They also shared some of their disagreements on issues, such as surrounding whether the wife should work full-time or devote to the caretaking of the family; but Mr. Salhotra respected Mrs. Salhotra’s wish to pursue her career in teaching full-time. With the same level of understanding and embraciveness in the family, the couple also respected and supported their children’s decisions in their career and life choices, while not necessarily agree with them. However, the parents are proud of their children being independent and confident in their own choices.

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