Interview - Andy Chan

Andy Chan was born in Queens, New York City in 1965. He moved to Houston in 1971 because of his father’s graphic artist career at Shell Oil Company. After studying environmental design at Texas A&M University for a year, Mr. Chan decided to go home to help his parents’ various businesses in the restaurant and graphics industries. He transferred to Texas Southern University and graduated while still working 40 hours a week in his father’s company. Eventually, Mr. Chan started his own business, Alpha Omega Graphics, which focused on the more cutting-edge side of desktop publishing. After having children, Mr. Chan decided to sell his printing business and do more service within public education and the Houston School Districts. He served as PTO President for various elementary and middle schools, and currently serves on the District Advisory Committee. After a successful project renovating Fire Truck Park in Southside Place, Mr. Chan decided to run for City Council, and was also appointed Mayor Pro Tem in 2016 during Hurricane Harvey. This past May, he won the election for Mayor of the City of Southside Place. Mr. Chan is the first American Born Chinese to become Mayor in the state of Texas. In this interview, Mr. Chan discusses his upbringing in New York City and Houston, his entrepreneurial endeavors throughout and after college, and his work in public education and service. He also discusses the importance of giving back to one’s community, his Asian-American identity, and his family.

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