Interview - Alice Chen

Alice Chen was born in 1955 in Taipei, Taiwan where she lived with her two siblings and her mother. Her first job was as a junior accountant at Du Pont Taiwan Co when she was 19 years old. She left home by herself in 1978 at the age of 22 with a scholarship to Rutgers University where she earned an MBA in Finance. She lived in Berkley from 1978-9 then moved to Houston in 1980 with her husband and daughter. Both she and her husband accepted job offers at Exxon. They have lived in Houston for 32 years, and together raised two children, each of whom have careers in the medical field. Alice Chen worked as Chairman in the Asian Chamber of Commerce in 2007, as a Golden Bank Board Director, as a TV show host with International TV 55.5, and as manager of Metlife Financial. Her volunteer work includes being Community Liaison for Congressman Al Green, Board Member of the Houston Community College Foundation, Founder of the I AM LIFE Foundation, and Associate Vice Chairman of the Global Chinese Petroleum Entrepreneur. She has been an extremely active member of Houston’s Asian American community and started/helped with numerous side-projects, including bilingual education in Chinese for the Stafford School District and the translation of a crime-prevention book into Chinese. Balancing all of this work with taking care of her family has been a struggle, but she still remains cheerful and maintains a very bright outlook on life.

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