Interview - Alex Chester

Alex Chester was born in Tustin, California to a Jewish American mother and a Japanese American father; however, she was very much isolated from both cultures and describes both sides of her family as being Americanized. Although growing up in an Americanized family, her childhood was far from standard fare. As a child, she began modelling for children’s toy brands and clothing lines, and at 13, even dipped her toes into the music industry as part of the girl group Dream, which she is thankful to have left. As her career progressed (and is still progressing today), she has amassed further experience in acting, singing, writing, and theater (which she is especially passionate about). Recently, she has also completed a bachelor’s in dance through the LEAP program at St. Mary’s College. She is also very involved in the Asian/Asian American/Mixed Asian community. Most notably, she is the creator and editor-in-chief of Mixed Asian Media, a magazine dedicated to Mixed Asians which covers topics ranging from beauty to interviews of well-known actors. Feedback for the magazine has been very positive --big names (think Netflix) have even reached out expressing interest in their work. She expresses that her future vision of the magazine is to “keep going on the trajectory that we’re going” and to “get more numbers,” and she hopes Mixed Asian Media will eventually become her full-time job.

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