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Harry Gee Interview

Harry Gee, Jr. is the owner and founder of his own law offices, Harry Gee Jr. and Associates, here in Houston. His firm specializes in immigration law, although they have ample experience in several other areas. Mr. Gee was born in China, but grew up in the U.S., and has lived in Houston for most of his life. He attended public school in Houston and went on to Rice University, where he studied economics and business. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Mr. Gee worked at his father's restaurant along with his mother and siblings. Mr. Gee then moved on to Austin, Texas where he attended University of Texas Law School, and finished his degree in 29 months—much less time than the usual 36 that most law students require to obtain a degree. Mr. Gee worked in Austin at the Attorney General's Office, enjoying much success as a young attorney, but later decided that he wanted to return to Houston to be closer to family. He founded his law offices when he moved back, and has been working there ever since. Mr. Gee's family is well-known in Houston; the first generation of Gees brought several restaurateurs and other entrepreneurs who broke into the business community, while several of the second generation have achieved high status as successful professionals. The Gees are very involved in the Houston community's Mr. Gee mentions, not only in the Asian and Chinese communities, but in the broader Houston community—and give back through such organizations as the Gee Family Association, among numerous others.

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