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George Gee Interview

George Gee was born on October 26, 1928, in Lake Village, Arkansas. He helped out in his father’s grocery store before his family of eleven siblings moved by train to Houston. Here his father opened another grocery store, and later, he and his brothers did the same. He worked in all the stores as a child as well as in his uncle’s restaurant, Chinese Village. He worked while attending UH and graduated in 1945. Out on his own, he started his own Snow Cone business and Exotic Imports store which were not as successful. He later came to work in Albert Gee’s Polyasian restaurant from 1964-66 to put his two daughters Alice and Zenobia through college. Eventually, he settled down in the insurance business with MetLife where he worked for thirty years. He has been a valuable asset, even starting a joint venture with Taiwan during his time there. He is now retired and living with his wife, Gloria in the Montrose area, but still remains very active in Chinese Baptist Church and in his leadership positions in several Chinese organizations.

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