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Eleanor der Bing Interview


Eleanor der Bing was born in 1922 in Sacramento, California. Her parents immigrated from Canton, China to the United States and his father passed away when she was 2 years old. They lived in a neighborhood with all Chinese and Japanese in Sacramento. She has been through the Great Depression, World War II and Civil Right Movement. Eleanor went to Sacramento college and got a job in California Retirement Center as a procurement agent. She then quitted the college and got married with Bill der Bing when she was 20. After they got married and had their first child, the couple moved to Norfolk, VA to run the family restaurant “Der Bing’s Kitchen”. After the restaurant closed, Eleanor found a job in the Naval Base in Virginia. Afterwards, Eleanor and her husband moved to Houston to work in NASA. Eleanor worked in the procurement team and was known as the “Dragon Lady” in the negotiation team. She retired in 1989.